Company Profile:
Afritrack is the registered trademark of Laiki Technology Limited which is a company incorporated in April 2006 and is one of the first companies to bring vehicle tracking services to Tanzania. Over the years, Afritrack has evolved to become an Internet of Things (IoT) provider. With years of experience and dedicated focus on customer needs, Afritrack has built a reputation for being a reliable and dependable partner to our customers.

Afritrack is now a regional brand that continues to expand in Eastern and Southern Africa. At the same time, Afritrack has expanded its product offering and invested heavily into remaining relevant and responsive to customer needs and expectations.

To be the absolute best provider of tracking and Internet of Things through-out Africa.

To deliver a superior tracking and monitoring service in real time throughout Africa that increase security, productivity and safety by delivering innovative, relevant, and cost effective solutions.

Our Core Values

Value for Money:
To give the most valuable service to our customers so that it is a meaningful and worthwhile service that will have a direct and positive result.

To be the business partner you can always count on delivering a reliable and dependable service.

To continuously explore and expand greater features and functions that can further improve our offering and remain extremely responsive to our customer changing requirements and expectations.

We have the highest regard for our customers that have put their faith in us and allowed us to grow and reach greater heights.

Our customers’ success is our success. We therefore strive to internalize the challenges of our customer so that we can think from their perspective and innovate to find solutions that are relevant and pertinent.