You could have a leisure boat for island hoping or have a commercial passenger/cargo ship. You could also run a boat rental company, send customers on fishing excursions or lease boats for contract fishing. The importance of having real-time, global coverage in the maritime industry is critical for efficiency and passage and property safety.

Afritrack’s marine tracking is simple and readily available right on your mobile phone. Our solution provides accurate location of your boat, usage and have an ‘SOS’ button for times of distress. Upon activation of the SOS button, an alert is sent out to respective on-land crew or relevant agencies (such as coast guard or rescue services). Afritrack’s marine tracking will offer protection, improve efficiency and complement your customer service. 

Extended Features

Complete Visibility

  • Real time updates
  • Cloud Based Access (Desktop Control Center and Mobile App)
  • All assets on one screen for one or multiple sites


  • Realtime GPS position, speed, course and more
  • Continuous tracking anywhere with hybrid in built global satellite and GSM network connectivity
  • Engine on/off
  • Bilge pump
  • Shore power
  • Maintenance alerts and record keeper
  • Inside temperature
  • Fuel (filling, level, theft)
  • Theft prevention and recovery


  • S.O.S Alert back to base/SAR center
  • Low Battery voltage alarm
  • Security alarm
  • Un-Authorized use alerts
  • Anchor Alarm
  • High water alarm
  • Un-Authorized entry
  • Leaving safe zone
  • Drifting from anchorage alarm
  • Heading out of safe zone
  • Sinking alarm


  • Journey log
  • Fuel reports
  • Marked Points of Interests (diving, snorkeling, sand banks)
  • Anchorage duration
  • Ports visited and time spent at port

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